Questions you should ask before ordering a Logo Floor Mat

Questions you should ask before ordering a Logo Floor Mat

A logo floor mat can be an excellent investment for your business as it can help promote your company making your brand name more visible to clients. With all the different types of logo mats available on the market it can be helpful to narrow it down by asking some basic questions before ordering a logo floor mat.

Is if your logo mat going to be an outdoor or indoor mat?  If you are needing an outdoor mat it will need it to withstand the weather conditions in your area. If it is going to be exposed to rainy conditions you will need to specifically ask for a logo mat that is made to absorb water as well as have a good scraper surface that will scrape dirt and mud off of shoes.  You will want to ask how absorbent it is and if it can take high-foot traffic. Another important question to ask is what kind of chemicals can it withstand? Is it grease or other chemicals resistant.

If you live in an area that is tropical and humid you will want to ask for a mat that has anti-mold and anti-fungal properties, and that can take direct sunlight and high temperatures so that it will not fade with exposure to the sun.

If you have determined that you are looking for an indoor mat you should consider what type of surface it will be placed on and you should ask what type of backing it has. If it is going to be placed on a carpet you should ask for a gripper backing so that it can stay in place. If it is going to be placed on smooth flooring, such a tile, you should opt for a smooth rubber backing.

Another important question to ask is how to clean and maintain your logo floor mat. Is it a mat that you can easily clean by vacuuming or hosing it with water, or does it need to be steam cleaned? You should ask how to care for your logo mat to assure that it will stay in good condition, and that it will last you a long time.